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Whether you're a beginner or advanced skier or snowboarder, our coaches will enhance your skills, fitness, and your sense of adventure! Our team of coaches have internationally recognised instructor qualifications from Australia, Austria, Canada, USA, New Zealand and Japan.

Enjoy the experience of skiing and snowboarding indoors, all year round in a city location.

In2ski leverages over 75 years of educational experience to provide skiers and snowboarders with expert tuition and state-of-the-art training facilities in an accelerated development.

Check out our indoor skiing video!

Endorsed by Jacqui Cooper

"To be a five time World Champion, I have spent hours and hours skiing on mountains all over the world. Had I known I could have skied in the city as well, I could have won more world titles!

Come to In2ski and see how quickly you can become a champion."

In2ski Benefits

  • Cutting-edge tuition from industry experts and thought-leaders.
  • All In2ski coaches are members of the APSI.
  • Learn to ski and snowboard eight times faster than outdoors.
  • All year round training, skill improvement and fitness.
  • The latest premium equipment from Rossignol.
  • Pricing includes equipment hire.
  • Ski and snowboard in comfortable, casual wear.


  • In2ski offers incredible opportunities for both novice and expert skiers. It is the ideal instrument to learn skiing in a quick and safe manner and always under perfect conditions. Practice at In2ski and than take your acquired skill outside to the slopes – you learn in one week what you would normally learn in an entire winter! Expert skiers and racers can now practice during the off-season at a much higher pace and intensity level than running a real course, great for working on technique, cardio and muscle strength. In2ski is the most exciting new alpine ski and snowboard industry product out there - a must-try for everyone!

    Klaus Gretzmacher, German Alpine Ski Team (ret.)
  • “Being the proprietor of accommodation facilities in both Australia and Japan I can see enormous benefits in  snowsports devotees having the opportunity of maintaining and honing their skills to ensure that they maximise their time on Mother Nature’s own. In2ski will allow for continuity of personal development in the event of less than optimal snow seasons as we sometimes experience in Australia. I can attest to Steve Cann’s educational abilities at all levels of ski coaching having been associated with him over a period in excess of 30 years at Mt Hotham.”

    Peter Malkin, Double Black Hotel, Hakuba Japan
  • "The indoor ski slope is a wonderful idea for those planning a trip to the Australian snowfields.  Wether you are a beginner trying to learn the ropes or a more advanced skier/snowboarder trying to improve technique or get into shape, a visit to the In2ski facility is well worth while.  I would encourage families and school groups to spend some time at In2ski to get themselves familiar with the equipment and the basic techniques of skiing/boarding to maximise their time on the slopes.  The In2ski slopes are amazingly realistic and true to the skiing/boarding techniques we use on the snow."

    Nigel Mills, Snowsports Director, Mount Hotham Skiing Company
  • “In2ski is a fresh, new and affordable concept being launched into the exciting world of snowsports. What Steve and the team at In2ski will do is introduce skiing and snowboarding to a significantly broader group of people who would never have otherwise thought they could actively participate in these great sports. With In2ski's level of professionalism and skill, a person will learn to ski or snowboard much, much quicker, meaning their time on the snowfields will be a whole lot more fun.”

    Colin R Hackworth, Chairman of Australian Ski Areas Association


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